Annexure to Sales agreement

 NAME OF PUPPY    Microchip no  
 BREED / SHOW    YES NO. (If available)


 During the six (6) week examination by the breeder’s vet, the developmental defect in the male pups regarding the descent of one or both testis into the scrotum does not occur, could be diagnosed. The breeder must bring it under the attention of the client/buyer by date of sale and it is the client /buyer’s responsibility to come back to breeder on or before twelve (12) weeks of age of the puppy, concerning the situation. Cryptorchidism is heritable and may be carried by both the male and female (parents) This is a genetic defect and such a male should not be bred/show with and the breeder must not repeat this crossing. The breeder reserves the right to obtain a second opinion by a veterinarian of his choice about the situation. If all the above-mentioned requirements are met, the breeder undertakes to refund the full purchase price, providing puppy Is returned to the breeder alive and in a healthy condition, within the mentioned period above. (Twelve weeks of Age).