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From here I will depart some of my experience with my bulldogs. I really hope it will be of some use to some of you!

Yeasty Bully

Yeast Infection in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs are common to bulldog’s skin, bulldog’s ears and bulldogs skin folds (facial, nasal, tail, toes, and vaginal folds). The proper medical term for this yeast organism is malassezia pachydermatis. Yeast Infection in your...

Scoring on accolades

Scoring on accolades

Bloemfontein Cluster Show Die drie honde wat ek ingeskryf het, Pontiac, Rosa en Champ het trots-trots eerste plekke gehaal! Pontiac is gekroon tot die bes-SA-geteelde britse boel, Rosa het met die hulde weggeloop as die beste tefie, en Champ as die beste in die ope...

Cheeky joined the pack

Cheeky joined the pack

Say hello to Cheeky, our latest lady. She is eight weeks now. She is very much at home already! We will tell you later a little more about her.

Cherry eye in bulldogs

Cherry eye in bulldogs

Cherry eye refers to a prolapsed nictitating membrane. Dogs have three eyelids. The third eyelid is the nictitating membrane. It supplies nutrients and oxygen to the eye through tear production.  Once the fibrous attachment becomes weak and breaks, the tear gland...

They paid a visit to their vet

They paid a visit to their vet

Do puppies have the necessary antibodies to protect them against common canine diseases? Our vet recommends starting puppy shots at six weeks old. Then, they will do well with boosters every three weeks until they are about sixteen weeks old.  So, off we went for a...

Who are they at 8 weeks?

Who are they at 8 weeks?

The early days of your bulldog puppy are critical for their entire lives. It will leave an everlasting impression. Therefore the age at which they are allowed to leave with their new owners is crucial to further development of their future behavior and existence. For...

The Great British bulldog retained its somewhat iconic stature even though the original breed, which earned notoriety, is now extinct.

But not every English bulldog lives up to the stereotypical attributes associated with the breed.

The British Bulldogs’ character and traits

Whilst bulldogs are thought by some to make loving and loyal pets who are courageous, strong and powerful, in truth this can vary greatly between individuals.

Each bulldog will develop a personality based substantially on their upbringing.

A puppy who is not properly trained and socialized may grow into a dog who is timid and shy. Bulldogs can make wonderful pets, but this will very much depend on the environment in which they are raised and the training they receive.

Make sure you’re prepared to give a puppy all the care it needs.

Bulldog puppies for sale

Pedigree and purebred bulldogs are often sought out because of their distinctive features.

But, before you rush out to buy the puppy you find so adorable read up first.

The very same features that make a pedigree bulldog puppy appear adorable to you could lead to some serious health problems for the puppy. In many cases, their physical features have been selectively bred to become so exaggerated that they cause pain and suffering and can prevent the dogs from behaving normally.

Don’t be afraid to ask the bulldog puppy breeder questions.Find out as much about the bulldog puppies’ health and history as possible.

You also might want to consider insuring your dog to help with those unexpected costs.

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