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Congratulations on your Purchase of your English Bulldog puppy

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Important notice regarding our terms and conditions

All pre-requisites namely disinfection, inoculation, microchipping and deworming have been performed as recommended by a veterinarian. Livestock is, however, susceptible to numerous illnesses and symptoms of disease and or defects may develop at any given time. Although all possible precautions are taken, we accept no responsibility whatsoever for death or veterinary costs incurring after the purchase of the puppy/dog. This also includes losses that may occur long after the purchase date because of latent defects/genetic faults/incubating disease in the above-mentioned animal.

Due to the fact that these are live animals, no returns will be accepted. The breeder will not take any responsibility for a latent defect/genetic fault/condition/disease or syndrome, which has at the time of sale not manifested itself yet and may do so later. As soon as you take the puppy/dog to his/her new home, he/she is your responsibility. The livestock trade is not without risk and there is no guarantee on livestock. Furthermore, it must be made clear that we will not exchange the puppy for another one, at any time after the date of sale, and no refund of purchase price.

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Name of Breeder L M Steyn (Linda) KUSA 9639


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