Tyson (Laschanti Bashfull of Gerlind)

Born on 17 March 2016. Registered with KUSA (ZA11521B16) as Laschanti Bashfull of Gerlind. He is the son of Rethles Esdeka of Chanpepe (imported from Poland) and the champion Laschantsi Storms LegacyTyson, when he was still a pup, won two first places at the 2017 Bloemfontein Bulldog Show. He already sired his first litter of puppies. They were born on 17 June 2017. The dame? Love In My Tummy.

Chanpepe Country Suspicion

who is the son of Nobody Under Suspicion Exclusive-Bull (LOSH 1153927) and One In A Million Exclusive-Bull of Chanpepe (ZA001006C16) (imported from Belgium.) His birthdate: 15 October 2016. He came to us in August 2017.

KUSA Reg Nr: ZA002551B17

Mervander Pontiac of Gerlind


Born on 4 June 2016, Pontiac is the son of the champion Adiamo from the bulls Companie of Mervander (ZA000031C12) and dame Mervander Dancing Girl (ZA015185B12)


who is the son of Rembombory Cassius (LOE 2077959) and Mervander Priceless Pearl (ZA02088B13). His birthdate: 1 May 2014. He came to us in January 2019.

KUSA Reg Nr: ZA001612C14