We will keep you informed…

Pontiac and Sasha are the proud parents of this adorable batch.

All sold!

Tyson & Sussa are the proud parents of nine healthy puppies! They were born on 28 February 2018. Both mom and puppies are doing well. We will keep you posted

Love in my Tummy and Tyson became parents

Lovey delivered her puppies on 17 June 2017. All healthy and so beautiful. She did well.

Mom and Dad

Lovey and Tyson



Skye & Rubble

Skye & Rubble

Sweetness & Butch




Their puppies

They left for their happy homes by end September. We keep track of them:

Butch is enjoying life in Bloemfontein with the Mashabala family.

Rafa is the proud owner of the Steyns in Bloemfontein.

Skye and Rubble are in Randburg, getting their cuddles from Rod de la Roche.

Abbey is ruling the heart of the Herbst household in Pretoria.

Lola lives in Jacobsdal with the Labuschagne household.

Memphis is in Benoni with his lady Tarryn.

Even Earlier

Not to know whether our puppies are safe and happy or not would be unbearable. We would keep contact with all if only the owners would allow it.

Here is our request: Those of you who bought Gerlind puppies, please update us, tell us about your lives with our puppies? Share photos with us? We want to add them to our site, show them! We will never divulge anything personal and/or private .

This little one

This is Memphis. Born in June 2017 and she rules the roost at Tarryn Janion in Randburg.